RFXCOM Binding - HomeEasy Lightning2 Sensor

Hi everyone!

I’m a beginner with openHAB and I’m trying to map a HomeEasy Motion Sensor with openHAB using RFXCOM. I think I have properly configured the RFXCOM and its specific binding because in debug mode I can see the traces of the sensor:

Raw data = 0B11010A0001DC0002010F60

  • Packet type = LIGHTING2
  • Seq number = 10
  • Sub type = HOME_EASY_EU
  • Id = 121856
  • Unit code = 2
  • Command = ON
  • Dim level = 15
  • Signal level = 6

However, when I tried to display this info on the website, the changes of the sensor are not reflected on the app. These are my items and sitemap configuration:


Switch Wall_Switch_FF_Office {rfxcom="<1185878.2:Command"}


sitemap demo label=“Demo House”
{Frame label=“Demo” {
Switch item=Wall_Switch_FF_Office

I did the HEX to DEC conversion and assign the UnitCode of the sensor. I was trying to debug the mapping but I’m totally stuck with this problem.

Can someone help me?

Thank you!

Debug-Info shows allready the decimal-value of the RFXCom-Device
Try it with
Switch Wall_Switch_FF_Office {rfxcom="<121856.2:Command"}

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Thank you very much!
Works like a charm!