RFXCOM binding(rfxtrx433e) poor signal in openhab, betterin windows

I have configured OH2 with rfxcom binding. There is some signal level issues especially with oregon rain gauge(+esic temperature as expected) but basically with all of hem. Looking at the values with RFXmgnr.exe from different computer(windows) the signal levels are quite good up to 7 depending on sensor.

While looking at the OH reported signal levels I have signal level between 1-2 in oregon devices and nexa devices. I havent really given he esic a go yet.

Is it possibly a driver issue? running on Lubunutu 16.04(HP 8440p laptop) tried two different antennas 433 mhz…

Be aware that RFXCOM 2.0 binding scale signal levels (and also battery levels) to common Eclipse SmartHome signal strength channel type.

system.signal-strength Number QualityOfService Represents signal strength of a device as a Number with values 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4; 0 being worst strength and 4 being best strength.

See more details from Eclipse SmartHome documentation https://www.eclipse.org/smarthome/documentation/development/bindings/thing-definition.html

Thanks this solved the mystery=) thanks!

What does this mean?

In the log I have signal level about 5-7, in the sitemap it always shows up as 2.
How do I get the correct scale representaion of signal level in items and sitemaps?
Could you please provide a simple example?

Same with battery level, always 100% (they are always 9 in the log and does not seem to change however.)