RFXCOM Binding stops working after some time

I am upgrading my old openhab 1.x installation to 2.x.
I installed a new system on a RPI and was experiencing random disconnects of the RFXCOM binding (or at leats of the one RFXCOM bridge I have).
I installed openhab from scratch in a fresh ubuntu in a laptop, and I ma getting the same error. Anywhere from 30 mins to 24h after I start the binding , it will stop send / receive values. There is no visible error in the logs.

How can I troubleshoot this?

Looking forward to have 2.x running my “production” config! :slight_smile:



do you solved you’re problem ?


Yes I did. Turns out all it needed was an upgrade of my RFXCOM usb transceiver’s firmware. Works like a charm since then. I got the latest firmware from their website, not sure which version I had and which I ended up with.