RFXCOM doesn't support transmitting for channel 'venetianBlind'

Hi Guys

I have an issue using the RFXcom in combination with a Somfy led controller.
I am able to use the configuration as a roller shutter where i defined the following item

Rollershutter PergolaLED “LED [%d %%]” (gPergola) {channel=“rfxcom:rfy:a1544f1a:shutter”}

and this works perfect.
up and down enables and disables the leds.

But the controller allows dimming the leds so I defined the venitian blinds.
As the documentation states i should use a long press in order to dim the leds as
the increase and decrease translates to long_up and long_down in the rfxbinding i think the venetian blinds should solve this.

this is done with the following item

Dimmer PergolaLED2 “LED settings [%d %%]” (gPergola) {channel=“rfxcom:rfy:a1544f1a:venetianBlind”}

the logs show the following 2 entries when pushing a button from the dimmer

[DEBUG] [binding.rfxcom.handler.RFXComHandler] - Received channel: rfxcom:rfy:a1544f1a:venetianBlind, command: INCREASE
[WARN ] [binding.rfxcom.handler.RFXComHandler] - RFXCOM doesn’t support transmitting for channel ‘venetianBlind’

the same thing happens when you push the on / off / decrease button.

Anybody an idea why the rfxcom throws this warning ?



Because the Rfy thing doesn’t allow sending on the Venetian blind channel. See pull request #2689 for the fix. Sorry, I’m not anywhere I can conveniently create a jar for you to test right now.


No problem.
I am programming the configuration for a pergola and I still have other things to do.

If there is a test I can do, let it know.


Would also love to test this, no movement on changing the venetian blind scroller.

I have added the new binding with snapshot and the ventian blinds work perfectly !

except the commands seem to be inverted in my setup as light dimmer
If I perform an “ON” command t I see in the debug mode that the OFF_Short command is executed
same thing with the other commands.

OFF = UP_Short

could someone with blinds test if this works correctly in the right direction

Which UI addon are you using? I can’t get the venetian slider to work with Paper UI.
Seems I have to learn how HABpanel works right now.

Allways getting ‘can’t convert 68 to comand’, don’t know what to do.

I am using the basic UI to get things going. I am still experimenting with the habpanel.
The main reason for the basic ui is feedback on automatisation. In my case I have a pergola with blinds and I control the blinds in combination with the weather forecast.
The blinds follow the sun to get maximum light inside in the winter and block it in the summer.
I am working on a rain sensor to close the blinds automatically or open them if there is a risk for storm

I just installed the latest firmware 1025 on my RFXtrx433E and I noticed that I can now tilt my blinds by sending the Up and Down Transmit < 0.5sec signal via the RFXmngr app.
I wonder if there are now any plans to implement the venetianBlind dimmer function?
Or if there is another way to get my blinds to tilt.
I am using Somfy blinds.

I’ve got a Renson Algarve pergola with somfy motor and 2 integrated LED-lights, using RFXCOM-binding.

In openhab, I can only use the shutter-channel. In Paper-UI, the “down”-button = led off, the “up”-button = led on and the “stop”-button is turning the LED on at approx. 50%. How can I use the dim-function? I tried the VenetianBlind-channel, but no respons.

Openhab log shows:
“Transmitting error” and “Can’t convert to Command”

Found the solution.