RFXCOM Lighting4, A not completely supported command

Hi everyone!

I use OpenHAB 2.2 with RFXCOM 2 addon. Some cheap door 433 mHz contact sensors like that ones


are connected to OpenHAB via RFXCOM transceiver. These KERUI sensors are decoded by RFXCOM as Lighting4 PT2262 devices and, as I can understand, only sends their state to the system. To properly configure these sensors in OpenHAB, I use the addon’s “Command ID” channel in configuration and rules. Everything works fine there.

However the following INFO messages are written to the events.log:

[vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - DoorSensor_CommandID changed from 7 to 14
[INFO ] [rnal.messages.RFXComLighting4Message] - A not completely supported command with value 14 was received, we can send it but please report it as an issue including what the command means, this helps to extend the binding with better support.

That’s why I created this issue. The mentioned KERUI wireless door/window sensor sends the following Command ID codes (all digits are decimal):
14 - when door is open
7 - when door is closed
11 - when tamper contact at the tail is switched (“Tamper” is an intrusion contact when someone opens the sensor case)

Also I want to notice that according to OpenHAB RFXCOM 2 addon, the Lighting4 devices are actuators. But it not always true. As you can see, RFXCOM use Lighting4 to handle some sensors like door contact or infrared motion detectors, that only able to send, not receive come data.

Pls let me know if more info or some assistance is needed. I will be glad to participate in improvements.