RFXCOM LIGHTING4.PT2262 Raw Support Missing

I would like to use RFXCOM to control UK-style Mercury remote socket switches. Those are not the Energeni type, but they can be controlled by RFXCOM using its LIGHTING4.PT2262 support, by transmitting a binary code, specific to each on/off+remote ID+socket ID combination. I have tested it using RFXCOM Windows manager software, and it works, switching my sockets on and off.

Unfortunately, the RFXCOM binding 1.8.3 does NOT support sending such codes, as it seems to insist I have to use On/Off commands, which, in turn, it does not understand for the Mercury devices.

I saw this discussion but it looks like teh changes implemented by @kevin, and suggested by @rlkoshak and @Speeder have not been ported to the current version of this OpenHAB 1.8.3 binding.

Where can I get the current binding that includes that fuller support for LIGHTING4.PT2262? Any other suggestions?


The latest builds are located here:


Thank you @rlkoshak. Is there any documentation to that org.openhab.binding.rfxcom-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT.jar build? I would like to know what support PT2262 now has—or, to your knowledge, is it basically what @kevin proposed on the other thread and nothing else?


I don’t use the binding and don’t know what if anything was implemented from that older thread. You can look through the history on github.

Any documentation that exists will be on the wiki.

Thank you. I am new here, so apologies for asking about it, but is there a concept of a “maintainer” of a binding and if so, do you know who to contact re the RFXCOM binding?

To my knowledge the update didn’t make it into the main binding, and I no longer use the 4 port relay so haven’t persued it. I did document the changes, but I didn’t have time to learn how to submit them properly. Git & Pull requests by and large are a bit of a mystery to me.
My completed binding can be found here
Numerical PT2262 RFXCOM Binding

In Items:
Add something similar to

Number RFXTest { rfxcom=">123456.550:LIGHTING4.PT2262:Number" }

where 123456 is your item’s address and 550 is the pulse length

In Rules:


will send 15 to module RFXTest. 15 is all 4 relays on. 0 is all 4 relays off,
The number is a direct conversion from binary

Finally delete any existing RFXCom binding from your addons folder and put the one above in its place.

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