RFXCOM; Need to send undecoded packet stored in a file

I’ve got an RFXCOM device which sends and receives known protocols via OH. It also receives undecoded packets which I process in a rules file.
Is there a way of sending an raw packet using the RFXCOM binding?
In the RFXCOM windows app there is a Raw Transmit tab and using this I can send a txt file containing the raw timings which works well, and I would like to do this in OH.

Documentation appears to say yes. Does it not work for you?

Please search the documentation.


####undecoded - RFXCOM Undecoded RF Messages

Any messages that RFXCOM can receive but not decode.


I already receive and use undecoded messages which I think the documentation refers to. I need to SEND them which as far as I can see it doesn’t refer to. I want to SEND undecoded messages stored in a timings file.
I have read the documentation several times and searched the forum but I can’t seem to find how to SEND a raw timings file

Since the documentation says the RXFCOM device receives these messages, it implies they are sent through the binding.

True, but how?
Mapping a String Item to the RFXCOM Undecoded RF Messages Message Thing doesn’t work and spits

 An error occurred while calling method 'ThingHandler.handleCommand()' on 'org.openhab.binding.rfxcom.internal.handler.RFXComHandler@6701ca59': Unknown packet type UNDECODED

when a message is sent

If nobody using that binding responds, try opening an Issue on GitHub to get direct developer input on a possible bug.

Issue logged and it’s been tagged as an enhancement


Have you find a solution?

No, it seems there is no development on this binding. There’s an open GitHub issue too with no replies

I’m working on this, see [rfxcom] Sending RAW String doesn't work · Issue #6769 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub if you want to help test.

In short, you cannot send an undecoded message, but you can send a raw message. They are different, but as long as it’s just repeating a message from a device, it works.