RFXCOM Somfy Blinds Alexa problem

Hi all,

When i tell Alexa to open or close my Spomfy blinds/shutters, she sends the command to openhab successfully and openhab (via the RFXCOM binding and the RFY Actuator) tries to execute this command by giving a number 0 or 100, but the command does not get executed.

Also when i manually test this from the control screen and enter a number 0 or 100 and click the button next to it (the tick mark), the command is not sent to the shutters. Only the up, stop, down buttons in the control screen work. So because of this “number/percentage” issue, Alexa commands to the blinds don’t work.

Maybe the issue is caused by the “switchable” tag?

Does anyone have any idea how i could get around this?

Thanks so much.