RFXCom X-10 Dimmer

I have an RFXCom transceiver and have installed the RFXCom binding. The RFXCom transceiver was set to respond to X-10 commands using the RFXCom manager in windows and I can see from the logs that I am getting commands ok. I can use rules to turn X-10 lights on and off with no problem (in fact the lights are PLCBus but work with X-10 commands via RFXCom without an issue via a PLCBus transceiver). The issue I have is how to send a dimming command to them from Openhab. The only channels that the Openhab RFXCom binding allows for X-10 are of type Command (type Switch), Contact (type Contact) and Signal Strength (type Number). Here are some screen shots of the Thing

I’ve done a little more analysis. It seems that for some reason the RFXCom binding does not support the X-10 Dim and Bright commands I’ve tested them in the RFXmgr windows program and they work fine there. So I guess it would need some coding in the RFXCom binding to enable them from within OpenHab. It’s not like a normal dimmer command as it just Dims or Brightens a set amount each time the command is sent so you can’t set a percentage of brightness. However it would still be a very useful command to be able to send to X-10 and PLCBus lights from within OpenHab.

Please file an issue in the openhab2-addons repo. See How to file an Issue

Thanks Rich. Will do