RFXmeter protocol


I am using the vAir monitor from @vlast3k which use the rfxmeter protocol to communicate the values for temperature, humidity, air pressure and co2 in the air.

So far I had it running in Domoticz and I learned that it uses the rfxmeter protocol to send the data to the RFXtrx433E. However, I wasn’t yet able to configure this in OpenHAB. In PaperUI I could not find any rfxmeter option when adding a device. Perhaps I’m just overseeing it or it is missing.

So my question is: is it possible to use the rfxmeter protocol and devices based on it in OpenHAB?

thanks for noting this. the RF communiction is indeed a topic that i had quite underestimated. So it seems the different home automation systems need to be adapted a bit to make use of the RFXMeter protocol and the vAir monitor.
At least for Homeseer, it was quite easy (or at least Bert did it quite quickly).
The major issue is that normally RFXMeter is used for devices that accumulate data, and in my case i simply send values. So if this can be easily achieved for OpenHAB it would be great. I can also do some adaptation in the firmware to make this easier. But i hope, what i did for Homeseer will be suitable also for OpenHAB

it looks like the support for RFXMeter Protocol is missing :frowning2:
i will see if i can easily add support for it in openhab

Hello @vlast3k

that would be great if you could add that. It would be much of value if I could use the meter via RFX instead via MQTT as I have poor to no Wifi in the place, where I want the sensor, but RFX is fine. Would also save me to run a Mosquitto service just for this on the Raspberry Pi.

Thanks a lot!