RGB Color picker send HEX code towards KNX binding

Hi all,

I am using openhab 2.4 (stable version) installed with the Synology package. Started with 2.3 but upgraded once available as color function was not available yet in the KNX binding.

My KNX binding works fine, dimming for the lumento is working fine but can’t get the color working. Searched the different other topics on this forum but didn’t find the solution of my problem.

I am convinced that in openhab:

  • KNX binding is configured properly (as all other lights and dimmers are working)
  • Thing for Lumento (=The KNX Device) is working ok
  • Channel is configured okay … I choose the color channel and filled in the RGB KNX addres
  • Item is linked to the Channel.

The problem:
When in the control pane of the PaperUI, I choose the KNX Device and pick a color … The ledstrips switches on but not with the chosen color.
When running diagnostics in ETS 5, I see that the decoded value is ‘invalid’ …

I really hope one of you might have a clue cause I don’t know where to search anymore.
Many thanks in advance for having a look at this,