RGB LED Calibration

Hi guys,
Sorry this topic might be out of scope for OpenHAB, but I would greatly appreciate if someone would give me some hints.
Recently I setup RGB LED lightning using Fibaro RGBW Controller and OpenHAB, I use Colorpicker to pickup the color and generate R, G and B channels. Everything works fine except color. The color of my LED stripe is quite different from what I select in Colorpicker. The reason for that quite obviously in different color gamma of LEDs and display. E.g. when I select purely green, which turns on only green channel, LED lightning generates one green, while on display it looks differently.
So my question - is there is a way to calibrate these LEDs in home conditions?

Depends on your ‘screen’.
It makes only sense (financially) to correct good monitors via a ambient light/colour sensor and an application run on the computer.
I am not aware off – though it does not mean it could exist – an ‘app’ for colour correction of phone screens.
Huh, just for the heck of it I googled it… it exists.
Have a look here: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=colour+correction+for+smart+phone+screens