Rgb LED Control mqtt

Hi Guys

I’m trying to find a way to control an led strip with openHAB on the cheap and I came across the binding milight/easybulb/limitless but on the binding info it doesn’t say if strips are compatible it just mentions the bulbs. Then I came across wifiled binding and when I did a quick search of the compatible devices I found this. Magic home led controller…

Does anyone know if that device will work and even send mqtt commands or even if the milight ibox2 would work? Thanks in advance

Yes it will?

What do you mean?
Receive mqtt commands from OH, yes
Get feed back if manually changed with the remote, yes

What would you recommend to use? The milight bridge and led controller or the magic home device? Bearing in mind I will probably be adding more led strips over time?

The milights can be controlled without a bridge (It can be replaced very cheaply with an ESP and radio)

This works very well and allows a prettu much unlimited amount of lights to be connected.

The magic home device can be re-flashed with a custom firmware called tasmotta:

This allows the control of the magic home with mqtt. Again unlimited (within the limitation of your wifi router and range) amount of strips and lights.

I would go with the magic home device as I am very familiar with tasmota and mqtt but ultimately the choice is yours

I had a issue flashing tasmota onto a Sonoff via Arduino IDE so it put me off and I later used espeasy. I’ve since learned you can use PlatformIO to flash them and it seems much easier than Arduino IDE. I’ll eat up the pros and cons and let you know the outcome :grinning: Thanks for your help

I don’t bother with an IDE, I flash the binaries directly. Never had an issue.

Can you send me a link of the method your describing?