RGB Strip

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I want to ask about RGB led strip, I got one strip from friend. and want to control it. However I believer it is not 12v or 24v DC, I think it is 230v AC, (so I can not use fibaro). It has IR receiver connected to the adapter.

its image here: (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Y8qu6Wor9COrahR0Z8EonqW6iOdsjVkk)

  • So, do you know how can I add to the system ?

  • In comparison between DC and AC rgbw strip,has the AC one more brightness ?

  • And to use rgb strip to light home facade (outside wall), what can I use ?

To control it you will need an IR sender. I recommend this:


This black box looks like AC/DC adapter to me. Take a picture of the underside of it. And, if that’s the case, maybe you could use Arilux RGB controller + regular AC/DC adapter. Arilux controller works really well with OpenHAB’s WiFiLed binding.

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Maybe, but I think the control cost will be higher than dc rgb strip with module like fibaro ?

It is written 220-240v: (https://drive.google.com/open?id=12vzw9bN2KorL8rnBOns4JxhdLTqYD7YK)

Fibaro RGBW module is pretty pricey. It’s costs almost 50 Euros. On the other hand, Broadlink RM3 costs about 10 Euros. Arilux RGB WiFi Controller is even cheaper - costs around 5 Euros (but you will need separate AC/DC adapter) - but it would work only if your LED strip is 5-24 V DC.

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Strange. Although, this could be input voltage. I think the cheapest solution would be buying new LED strip, that’s 5-24 V DC, AC/DC adapter and Arilux controller. Or ordering Broadlink RM3 mini. Fibaro is the most expensive solution.

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but I think BroadLink RM3 needs wifi, I don’t want to rely on wifi.

Yes, it does. And it would be much more complicated to set it up, to be able to change colors, programs etc. The easiest way is WiFi LED controller, WiFiLED binding and a LED strip that can work with that controller. Then you can easily use Color widget in OH sitemap to change colors, regular switches and dimmers for ON/OFF/intensity etc.

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What about remotec. Do you know if it can control such this led?

Ok, now I get new rgb strip (12v dc) connected to fibaro rgbw controller,
However after binding, the control page if paperUI shows the thing with duplicated channels (so each channel shown twice, Dimmer Dimmer Sensor(power) Sensor(power)…) !

Is it normal to duplicates the rgbw thing channels ?