RGBW Remote Control Options

I’ve been away from the HA stuff for a while, but still have OpenHab running here at home and hoping to finally get back into things. Thus, have a question on the ability to control RGBW light bulbs.

I currently have both a lightify and philips hub in the home, with mostly all Philips bulbs and 1 lightify light strip. Now I am planning to add RGB lighting to existing recessed lighting in my basement. Now, the only RGB retrofit lighting I am finding is made by Osram here.

But my real concern is the ability to control the RGBW colors without the use of phone or tablet. I would prefer some type of remote control that is available for anyone to use, but have not found any options there yet.

I know there are some WIFI rgbw remote controls out there, but have not found any good WIFI retrofit recessed lighting options.

Or maybe… do you think it is possibly with an OH rule that you can use a WIFI rgbw remote to control your philips or lightify bulbs?

I just found this possible Zigbee RGBW remote controller, but can’t seem to find to much info on it yet if it would work with Philips or Lightify, and pretty sure you still can’t use lightify bulbs with philips and vice versa yet with them still using different zigbee standards.


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Circling back some more on potential options and if anyone has any suggestions. The end goal here to have a hand held RGBW remote control to change light colors of Philips and/or Lightify bulbs.

So I found this WIFI RGB remote controller here. It wifi that is suppose to connect to an LED strip. But I really don’t need the LED strip in this instance.

Do you think its possible with this or similar and using an OH rule that when you use the remote control to then change the light/colors on the philips or lightify bulbs?

I was also looking the Milight remote control as well, but I’m not sure if any of these options will work or not.

Just wanted to say Thank You to everyone here for helping with this. I now have a functioning Milight RGBCCT remote control that is controlling my Philips Hue Lights.

  1. I’m using this remote here:

And then a big thanks to @Matt1 and his work here in providing the Information and Rules to building your own Miight bridge.

Hello @ptmuldoon,

Do you recommend Mi Light products ?

Imo, it depends on your electrical setup. For simple screw in bulbs they work great. But I needed retrofit recessed rgbw lights and only Sylvania currently makes though.

That make sense?