RGBWW Strips + Controller - which one do you prefer?

Hi everyone,

I’m about to update my Kitchen light. What I would really like to do is to put a small LED strip underneath the cabinets. So what products should I go with in order to achieve the best setup in my openHAB?

Ideally I would like the controller do be on WiFi and it should be able to control RGBWW.
Which brings me to the next questions, what strips should I then buy?

I’ve been looking a lot on aliexpress, but I’m just not 100% sure which ones I should chose and even though most of them look fairly cheap, I don’t want to end up with both controller and strips that I can’t use :slight_smile:

Please link and comment.

Much appreciated!

There are many articles to this point.

Hi Harry,

Yes I do already use that Binding for my light in the garden and it works perfectly :slight_smile:
So its just the “LED Controller” and the Strips I’m looking for, but I’m just uncertain which ones I should buy and that’s why I need some input.

I did some searches on Aliexpress and tried to go with strips that are LD686, but when I search for LD686 I just don’t find anything. Same for the controller.
If I do on Amazon, I find this controller - Does anyone have any experiences with it?

But also, I’m actually not only looking for the WW (Warm-White) but also the CW (Cold-White).
So the LEDS I’m looking for needs to be capable of RGBWWCW?

I’ve been very happy with this 5-channel wifi controller for RGBWW strips. I use it to control multiple warm white LED strips, but it can certainly be used to control an RGBWW strip. I reprogrammed mine with the Sonoff-Tasmota firmware, which uses MQTT for a control interface.

As for choosing an LED strip, I just searched Aliexpress and I can see why you are uncertain. so far I have not been able to find an LED strip that provides five channels, one each for Red, Blue, Green, Cool White, and Warm White. Those strips advertised as RGBWW all seem to be four channel strips, not five. I think the thing to look for is the number of pins on the strip. For a proper (by my definition of RGBWW) five channel strip, the number of pins must be six.

Good luck!

Hey Scott,

Thanks for the update. I think it might just be a matter of trying…
So I think I will go with this;

Controller (ARILUX AL-LC11 Mini LED) - Link

LED Strip (Hunta LED - LED Strip 5050 DC12V 60LEDs/m 5m) - Link

Will get back, when I have received the goods and hopefully got it all up and running :slight_smile: