Rheem Wifi Binding? (Water Heaters)

It looks like I may be unexpectedly needing to replace my home water heater :frowning:

I’m looking at a couple of them on HomeDepot and see that Rheem sells a decent unit that includes a ‘smart’ wifi module that you can get alerts if there is a leak, etc. Looks like they have an app in the android/ios markets and is already wink compatible.

Has anyone done something similar already? Perhaps a Rheem binding or other methods to get information to Openhab?

If curious, this is the unit and wifi module:



Mine is getting old, and I might be in the same boat as you at some point soon. Doing some searching it looks like you can access via web services at http://io.myrheem.com/#overview

You can also see an implementation for SmartThings here.

I have a 80 gal heat pump hot water heater with wifi that I have yet to figure out how to integrate into openhab. It’s amazing how much info Rheem gives you on the water heater display, the problem I have is you can’t even get the temp of the water over the API.

Any hopes for a binding I was looking at water heaters and this piqued my interest.