Right Hardware for outdoor Text to Speech and other Audio use cases

Hi all,

I’m looking for help again :wink:

I plan to install an invisble speaker inside of the wooden panels of my canopy.
Currently I’m using Echos for all TTS topics but I guess that won’t work for my planed scenario.

So let me explain some of my use cases:

  1. Speak to people at my door in case I’m not at home (postman, friends… intruders :wink: )
  2. Point 1 only makes sence if I’m able to hear what they say. So it’s needs a microphone which I need a live stream from.
  3. TTS - Like for example when I didn’t closed all windows it should alarm me as soon as I lock the frontdoor. I have a echo in my hall but when you are outside you dont really hear it.
  4. Play music for example when we are coming together with the neighbors

All above mentioned scenarios of course should be possible to handle in openhab.

For connection everything is possible:
Ethernet Cable

It doesnt need to be especially made for outdoor use because I can place it in a save spot in the canopy. But of course it would be better if its made for outdoor use.

Any suggestions for hardware and best software integration?