Ring 2nd Gen Door/Window Sensor

@chris I’m not sure if I did not submit the correct info for the sensor, or if something needs to be updated, but I injected the xml file for my ring 2nd gen door/window sensor into the latest 3.0 snapshot and it recognizes it.

However, it only reports battery level ![ring_2nd_gen_door_sensor_log|690x39]

Here’s a screenshot of the log showing the sensor first tripping, then resetting.

Following there is a screenshot of the item showing null for everything but the battery level.

I very well could be doing something wrong here but I don’t know enough of how this works yet to provide any more valuable feedback.

Here is the log expanded if that helps at all…

Well, okie dopey dokie do, I’m an idiot.

I uninstalled the binding, then dropped dropped the updated one in the addons folder and its working.

Bad dobby… Sorry.