Ring Alarm - Motion Sensor (z-wave)

Platform information:
Hardware: NUC7CJYH with 8 GB RAM and 32 GB SSD + zwave: Aeotec Gen5
Ubuntu Server 20.04
OH 3.2 stable

I am using the platform above and struggle with the inclusion of the Ring Motion Sensor (z-wave plus).
According to the DB it’s supported:
OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database
Although the last entry / update of the existing Motion sensor comes from me (another gen2 was already in place).

Bottom line is:
I can (kind of) include it, but don’t get updates from the channels below,.
(and at the end of the inclusion the led indicates an error - namely red flashing LED).

Is someone out there who uses Ring Gen2 components in the OH3 z-wave network?
If so, please share your configuration and channel information.

For those who are looking for more details, please also see here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
(@apella12 was already of great help!)

For a better understanding please also see the zwave log after reinitialization:
zwave.log (603.7 KB)

Did you ever figure out how to use these?

Check log and device definition in Z-Wave database:

Looks like there isn’t a parameter #12 … Confirmed by Z-Wave JS Config DB Browser

I strongly suspect a mismatch between Z-Wave parameter definitions in Z-Wave database/official device documentation/DUT. Not sure whether fixing this mismatch will fix OP’s problem.

The log posted by above shows the device not responding to several “GET” requests during initialization, so the channels do not get initial values. As I do not have ring devices I can’t say if this is a feature, bug or a faulty device. My guess after a quick scan of the manual is that the device may expect secure inclusion and the default in the binding for motion devices is without security. The zwave binding only has S0 security (which might work-and can be activated on the controller UI page), but the manual mentions S2 security which is not supported by the binding.

If you do not have the device, my advice is there are plenty of motion detectors that work well with OH. Beside the initialization issue above, the parameters the device returns during initialization do not match the documentation. (as noted by @Ap15e). I also noticed the channels shown above are not the correct ones for motion detection, so it is very doubtful this is working (IMO).

If you already have the device and want to try to get it working with the zwave binding repeat the inclusion with the Debug on for both a non-secure (to see if the same issue occurs with your device) and with security enabled (to see if that helps). The other device problems I mentioned can be fixed.

A possible better option with the device is a developer is actively working on a Ring binding [Ring Binding 3.2.0;4.0.0) - Add-on Marketplace / Bundles - openHAB Community It looks like it is only for the doorbell and camera at this stage, but you could ask about the motion. It looks to me that the difference is that the Ring binding interacts with the Ring app, not the device directly. So you would include the device on the app and use the Ring binding as the interface, not the zwave binding.