Ring doorbell

I’m actually giong to have a HASS install pushing this information to OH2 via MQTT me because it’s just too useful!

Hopefully we might get a binding at some point, but in the short term this will work for me.

Any updates on this? I’m more concerned if there’s an API for the Ring Pro or Skybell HD Doorbell.

unfortunately there’s no API yet available from Ring (it was promised for December 2015! - and the main reason I bought it then!). Thing is still, the doorbell can’t be integrated at all to a smarthome as it is “just another App on the smartphone”.
So my advice is to look for a doorbell with a decent API (for which I would be willing to pay a appropriate price, even subscription!).
For my knowledge there’s no direct API for both. (IFTTT doesn’t work in realtime and even then only triggers an Event, no Video, no snapshot)

If I would buy a new Doorbell, it would be “Doorbird”, they deliver with an extensive API including live video: http://www.doorbird.com/api

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Hey everybody…

Has anyone seen the Live view update… maybe this can help with something??

“If I would buy a new Doorbell, it would be “Doorbird”, they deliver with an extensive API including live video: http://www.doorbird.com/api

is this verified to work with openhab? looks like they have stunning hardware.

Doorbirds look nice, but they are way more expensive than the Ring Video Doorbells. Doorbird also does not have anything to compete with the Ring Floodlight Camera or their other products.

Not that you shouldn’t get a Doorbird if that’s what you’d prefer, but please start a new topic to discuss Doorbird/openHAB compatibility rather than hijack this one.

Hey all, there are a number of “3rd party” APIs now available on github for ring doorbell

See https://github.com/tchellomello/python-ring-doorbell and https://github.com/davglass


sounds interesting. still, ring.com annoys me even more by the day. I experience some major lagging in the App lately (nothing changed on my side), so I’m seriously thinking of replacing my doorbell with a “real” one, which offers API ootb and directly.
But to the gits:

Does anyone have either one running with OH2? I’m afraid, I don’t have the time now to dig me into this (and perhaps my skills are limited for this… :wink: )

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Got a ring doorbell by myown and would be interested to hear if anything can be integrated to openhab, e.g. play a sound on sonos when doorbell rings or switch on a light or view live stream

I have an old doorbot and have integrated it with OH2 via myopenhab and IFTTT. And it is completely useless, the lag between the ring and my OH2 switch is about 1-2 hours. So a binding would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Thomas, which real one would buy instead of the ring!? I am searching for alternatives…but yeah…i did not find anything special…

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Take a look on www.doorbird.com . I’m waiting for the next firmware update and then it’s ONVIF compatible, which integrates not only with openHAB, my Synology NAS and with Fritz.Box and my Fritz.Fon C5! #perfect

Guys I got HA installed with the ring doorbell pro. Live view is not available but you can use the triggers and notifications to trigger other devices like wemo switches and kodi notifications. Pretty cool

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Nice! Thanks for verifying that it works. What is your setup? Did you use the homebridge plugin?

No, I installed a separate sever for home assistant it is similar to

Aha, I see. It seems like overkill for me to set up a whole separate system just to get OpenHAB connected to ring, but it’s looking more and more like something I might try.

All I want to do is use my ring doorbell’s motion notification to turn on a light. I’ve got it working via IFTTT, but the latency in the order of minutes… not very useful in this case.

I ended up installing this: https://python-ring-doorbell.readthedocs.io/ , but I’m not much of a coder, and I don’t quite know what to do with it.

This thread has thousands of views. There’s a lot of interest in connecting Ring to OpenHAB. It seems like there’s enough interest that it might be financially worth someone’s time to put together a basic binding. If anyone out there knows enough about bindings and can make sense of the reverse-engineered “API” that folks have come up with, I’d be happy to contribute a few beer’s worth of cash to the effort!

I am running them separate they are connected at all. Homeassistant seems
to have support on 2 things that openhab doesn’t have yet, a binding would
be nice to get for the ring.

Hi, can you let me know how to install ring bell to HASS. I have openhab and also HASS Thanks

Could be a bit more precise?
You want to:
activate the doorbell of your home
play the mp3 doorbell on what audio sink


…and by HASS you are not referring to the German word Hass, but what is it?

I would like to take “Ring Video Doorbell Pro” and integrated it with Openhab2 or HASS.
ian_dcruZ mention on Sep 27 “ I got HA installed with the ring doorbell pro”. I would like to get more info on that. HASS-Home Assistant automation https://home-assistant.io/docs/.

I already installed Openhab2 and HASS and I did some work implementing temperature/humanity and distance reading. The HC-SR04 (distance) get me the status on my 275 gallons oil tank. I also plan to implement HC-SR04 on my Rain Harvest tank (~1000 gallons).