Ring doorbell

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Im new here, so if you can, plese help me.

I Have a Ring Doorbell, is there any chances for making a binding for this into OpenHAB? or is there already an binding exist?

Peter Lindberg

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Not sure if it is even possible, on their site they say this

We are looking into offering an API. At this time there is no estimate for availability.

But, if they make the API available, would it be possible to do it?

Without being 100% sure, most likely.

Perfect… lets waint until they publish the API

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For any device such as this, they are more likely to get to it quicker the more people ask them about it.

Ring is supported by IFTTT.com. I think you should be able to generate an OpenHab event through that service.

If you try it out, reply to this thread to let us know how it worked!

Any news on this or is there any other doorbell / camera with an api.


No i dont know more than Vizzini write, that now we can connect cia IFTTT, and thats is a start, it would be fun, if someone could help with a Binding :slight_smile:

Any updates on this?


I contacted Ring support, and they were saying no further plans for API at this date. After my call, they removed the API part in the faq page. This was my primary condition to buy a device without being completely bound to a cloud Service! Remember revolv as Google turned down the cloud Service completely, rendering all hardware useless(http://www.forbes.com/sites/aarontilley/2016/04/12/nests-revolv-shutdown-debacle-underscores-business-model-challenges-for-internet-of-things/). The IFTTT rules for ring dooebell are useless, as they only send actions, no chance to use images, video or even interactons. I don’t need a spread sheet telling me there was movement or rings on my door. Long story short, if there is some doorbell with similar functionality and decent API, I’ll be the first to move over.

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I have not tried myself, but how about using a z-wave binary switch (eg http://www.vesternet.com/z-wave-fibaro-universal-sensor) mounted inside a normal door bell?

Using a switch won’t actually improve anything, since via IFTTT you could send “Motion” or “Ring” as a trigger already.

The point still being is, that it is not possible to use the sole purpose of a VIDEO-doorbell outside the Ring Apps. It’s not possible to use video or a still picture within a third party solution. Of course I guess this isn’t the business model of Ring as they try to sell the Cloud Services for a monthly fee, but as I am concerned, the risk of a useless hardware, if the Cloud Services are shut down is too high for me, I only bought the Ring videodoorbell, as they promised an API for December 2015(!!!).

Is there some News on Ring Doorbell from anyone? Don’t think, there’s an API yet, but if someone had an neat Integration idea, I’d be interested! :relaxed:

Got a few of these doorbells! They are kind of neat but is sucks that you can’t connect it to a NAS.
Would’t it be possible to wireshark the traffic from the doorbell and re-engineer the network calls with a spoffed DNS or a proxy that redirect it to another back-end??

Have anyone taken a look at this?

I’m not the security guy, but I hope, that’s not so easy as it sounds. Otherwise I don’t like to see my Ring Video doorbell footage somewhere else. I also don’t like the idea of putting the Videos on the Ring Cloud… But I hope, the traffic between my doorbell and the Ring Cloud is secure and cryted! :wink:
So my bet is, there’s no way until Ring comes out with the ultra-late API…

I run a Smart Things environment, but some of the propriety stuff drove me to setup an openhab instance. I know that Ring is integrated into ST, so being new to openhab, I am not sure why this cannot be replicated in here…

There’s still no API available from ring as of today (promised for Dec 2015, though). Without the API you’re not able to access the doorbell from your own servers (like openHAB). There is one possibillity though: using www.ifttt.com, you can trigger actions if there’s movement or a ring at your doorbell. IFTTT does have a two triggers (movement and ring), which can then connect to your openHAB-instance via myOpenHAB for example.
But that’s about it. You can’t use the videostream or even talk to other than via the App.

I was wondering if anyone still looking at it.
The guys at home-assistant managed to sort a python script running, I wonder if anyone here interested in making a binding based on that… …I would be happy to test it …

Hi dj1,

thanks for sharing the link, but what makes this solution useless for my requirements is this:

A native HASS component for the button push & motion sensor with real-time updating would be great. At the moment it looks like video won’t be possible.

As I do have some “real” motion sensors for my entrance and the button is connected with a binary input, I don’t need the ones of my Ring Doorbell. The real shame starts with the guys at ring, as they lack providing a decent API (which was promised almost 2 years ago, but deleted from the roadmap shortly). I don’t see an integration in any smarthome-solution without video - that’s the sole purpose of a video doorbell, isn’t it? :wink:

What I had to do: put a simple Webcam next to the video doorbell and I use that videostream… sad, isn’t it? :unamused: