Ring Keypad V2 - Zwave Binding

Hi all,

I am trying to add the ring keypad v2 to my zwave network. I am using the Nortek zwave/zigbee dongle and when I try to add it to the network nothing seems to happen. When I look at the logs I don’t seem to see anything happening. I can add other devices but it feels like the keypad is not going into pairing mode. Can anyone please give me any ideas what could be going on.

Thanks in advance.

Is your keypad not shown in the Inbox after the inclusion process or is it shown as “unknown device”? If it is the latter, it might need to be woken up several times to complete the process. See the documentation of the keypad how it can be woken up.

You could increase the loglevel in the console to see in the logs what happens when you try to include the keypad.

Maybe the distance between the keypad and the controller is too big. Check in the configuration section of your thing definition of the ZWave controller for the setting “Inclusion mode” (you need to tick the “Show advanced” box to see it).

Has anybody gotten any Ring devices to pair on a native ZWAVE network? The last I checked they had some special sauce to only allow their devices to work with their own controler.

I’ve seen else where people having it connect to other hubs. I thought I saw it in the database but I may be wrong. The problem I am having is getting it to even pair at all. I guess they must use some special sauce which seems against being zwave certified.

The Ring Keypad v2/2nd gen is in the Z-Wave database:

It is a certified Z-Wave device:

According to the manual no special sauce is required:

  1. This product can be operated in any Z-WaveTM network with other Z-Wave certified devices
    from other manufacturers. All mains operated nodes within the network will act as
    repeaters regardless of vendor to increase reliability of the network.

To tackle the problem, @chris would need a debug log of the inclusion process (see ZWave - Bindings | openHAB).

It sounds like the OP isn’t even getting that far, but a debug log would help to know one way or the other.

@SLC-Josh, are you trying to do the SmartStart inclusion per the manual, or the Classic inclusion?

I’m surprised that there’s no mention in the manual of secure inclusion. I would think that would be required for this sort of device.