Robonect binding / Automower WLAN Module

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(Marco Meyer) #21

OK, committed the new channels in context of

If somebody find time testing it would be awesome… :slight_smile:

(Maximilian) #22

Many thanks for the fast implementation!

Now I changed my items to the last error message channel. Instantly the correct last error message was shown.
But after I lifted the mower, the items received no update.
How long does it take, until the binding get’s the newest last error message?

Even after a few minutes, the old error message (and not the newest) is shown:

(Marco Meyer) #23

Thx for testing,
I forgot to trigger a refresh after the error is reset… will fix this soon…

(Marco Meyer) #24

Fixed… now it should update with the regular refresh period in case of the error is reset. Basically this means the
"error" channels will have the error as long as the error is still on the mower. As soon as they are reset on the mower the “lastError” channels are refreshed.

(Maximilian) #25

Ok great, I will test this tomorrow.

Would it also be possible, that the “lastError” receives the update at the same time as the “error” channel does?
So I want that my sitemap shows the last error message, or the error that the mower has right now.

A small change:
You could rename the second “Error info” section to “Last Error info”, so that everybody sees it instant.

(Maximilian) #26

So now I have tested it and everything works fine :grinning:
I really appreciate your work!

(Daniel Malmgren) #27

@reyem, did you notice the comment from @martinvw in the PR?

I’ve used this binding for a couple of months now and it’s one of the most stable bindings in my oh system, so from my point of view it definitely seems finished enough to get into the official repository.

(Marco Meyer) #28

@DanielMalmgren, thank you for the flowers :slight_smile:

I agree. My issue currently is that the code does not conform 100% yet to the OH code guidelines. Mainly I have to add JavaDoc on all public methods. Once that is done ( I’m working on it), I will make it a final PR…

(Daniel Malmgren) #29

Doh. This binding is one of the things that make me able to keep the flowers away :smile:

Anyway, it will soon be time to put the automower into storage for the winter and I’m sure you’ll be finished with the JavaDocs before spring :wink:

(Daniel Malmgren) #30

What is the easiest way of stopping the binding from polling my AM? I’ve plugged it out for the season, just calculated that the binding will poll in vain about 25000 times before spring…

(Marco Meyer) #31

well, you could manually stop the binding using the karaf console and start it again in spring :slight_smile:
However, personally I will leave it polling. That state is kind of expected from the binding. IMHO 25000 polls over this time frame should be nothing to worry about.

(Daniel Malmgren) #32

I might be occupational injuried, but I simply don’t like unnecessary traffic in my network :slight_smile: I simply stopped the bundle.

Btw, did you see the news in the Robonect forum about the API in Fabians development version of 1.0 now having functionality to make http calls when things happen (like status changes etc)? I’m hoping in the future there’ll be no need for polling at all.

(Marco Meyer) #33

Btw, did you see the news in the Robonect forum about the API in Fabians development version of 1.0 now having functionality to make http calls when things happen (like status changes etc)? I’m hoping in the future there’ll be no need for polling at all.

No, I did not see it. Sounds interesting. Do you have a link to the specific forum entry? I have difficulties finding it in the robonect forum… Does this mean, Robonect can make HTTP calls to somewhere, if something happens like status change etc.? That would mean it could probably directly call the REST API of Openhab. However, it would turn around the problem if the mower is out of Wifi range. Then the mover cannot alert. Still an interesting development.

Update: OK, actually found. For the record, it’s mentioned here:

(Daniel Malmgren) #34

It’s also mentioned in this thread and also a followup regarding a question I had, if the callback option is accessible from API (meaning the binding could (at least hypothetically) handle this for the user).

Regarding the out-of-range problem we could hope it’s made smart enough as to try again when it is in range. But of course that won’t help if the AM is completely stuck outside of range…

(Marco Meyer) #35

Let’s see on how this works, once there is a release to install. Probably the binding could be improved by using a combined approach. Poll after a timeout of X seconds/minutes if there was no message for a while, but usually rely on the pushes of the mower.

(Daniel Malmgren) #36

Sounds like a great plan. Hopefully 1.0 (or at least a preview with this new functionality) will be out before spring :sunny:

(trant) #37

Hi all,

@reym, thx for your work on that binding, but is it right, that there is no release for this binding available?
I’ve finished the installation of the robonect module for my Gardena R40LI and now i’am looking forward to install your binding to my openHAB 2.1. Where can i find the latest snapshot?


(Daniel Malmgren) #38

I’m using the version found here, works on OH 2.1 as well as 2.2 snapshots. And it works for both 0.9e and pre1.0.

(trant) #39

Thx, that was fast!

Do you also know how to install the binding manually i haven’t it done yet.

Edit: Found it!

(Daniel Malmgren) #40

Just saw that a new beta for 1.0 has been released:

With my limited knowledge in german (and help of Google Translate) I’ve been reading through the LONG changelog and it looks promising. Some things that should affect this binding:

  • Fehler behoben, der dazu führte, dass der Mäher nicht losfährt, wenn kontinuierlich Daten abgerufen werden. (z.B. Motor- oder Batteriedaten)
  • API für Push-Service hinzugefügt (cmd=push)

If I understand this correctly this hopefully means that there will be no need for polling anymore, that the AM instead can call the OH API upon status changes. And that it also won’t get the battery discharged because of the polling keeping it awake.

Too bad theres half a meter snow on my lawn right now :sunny: