Robonect binding missing status

Hello there, as im completely new to openhab, i don’t know if i’m right here.
I currently have my garage door controlled via FHEM and now want to move it to openhab.
As soon as my mower wants to get out of it’s charging station, it will set his status to 18 , it can be seen by calling cmd=status.
As soon as the status is 18, the door has to be opened. As soon as it’s open, http:///xml?cmd=door&release has to be called. Then it starts.

Sadly, the robonect binding just reports “Unknown Status”. Also it cant read and display the “dooropen” state, which can be true or false.

So my question is to implement the following two things:
-Recognition of status 18 by the Robonect Binding
-A channel which displays the dooropen state