Roborock S5 max with Roborock App (no Mi Home App)

Dear all,

I got my Roborock S5 max and want to integrate it into openhab (obviously :wink: ). I use the roborock app instead of the Mi Home App. I checked the options to extract the token but the ones I could find rely on the Mi Home app. Any glue how to get the token without the Mi Home App?

It’s not the problem of installing the Mi Home app parallel. When doing so I have to re-pair the roborock and loos all settings, the map as well as histroy from the roborock app. I could do this once at the beginning but as I read a new token might be required e.g. after FW upgrade, this sounds like a more regular process.

Thanks and best

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I’m also interested on this one. Let’s see if anyone has any clue.

I tried out the Mi Home app in parallel and so far my learning with the S5 Max (maybe helpful for others):

  • The Roborock app seems to be parallel to the Mi Home app
  • The two apps can not be used in parallel as you have to re-map the roborock first
  • The map was not lost when changing from Roborock app to Mi Home app
  • Several mentioned drawbacks from the Mi Home app are not valid any more (30.04.2020), e.g. shared account possible. Mi home app covers all features but more compared to Roborock app

It seems like I stay with the Mi Home app.

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