Roku Binding Power for TVs

Is there a reason that Power on is not included in the binding? I know its not in the official ECP from Roku but is supported by the api. At least on my TVs.

I created a PR to add it.

Awesome thanks.

@mediatech15 can you verify the output of the /query/active-app endpoint on your Roku while on the home screen? Just go to http://<your_roku_ip>:8060/query/active-app in your browser. At some point in the recent past it seems that the id reported for the ‘home’ app changed to 562859.

This is what the output looks like:

    <app id="562859" type="appl" version="7.1.6">Home</app>

I am seeing that on my Roku Ultra. That said It reported Home before. I noticed the change about 1 week ago as I was working on my roku widget.

That said I looked into my software updates and the last applied update was May 5. And I know for a fact I same home since then. But I could have been testing with a different roku at the time (i have 5 (2 ultra, 4k stick +, stick and tcl roku tv))

Thanks for verifying this. A fix is in the works to correct the problem.