Roku Binding - Thing Type TV - power channles not adding

So i am running the 4.1 version of the binding with a thing type of roku_tv that is discovered via the binding.

However, when i add the thing the additional power related channels of “power” and powerState" are not being added.

Here is a picture of the channels which are added.

I have uninstalled the binding removed all things (and cleared openhab cache via openhab-cli) and re-added them to no avail.

I have also queried my Roku TV and the powerstate fields do appear to be there so i think my device is capabale of sending these states its just that the channels are not being dynamically created for use.

Any ideas?

It looks like from the github on the current version of the binding that these channels should be there.

Ok so i did some more digging and turned on the DEBUG logs for the org.openhab and created a new test thing for a roku_tv type. It looks to me like it is not using the new URI descriptions to create the channels and is using a version from an older version of the binding?

Is there something i need to change/cache i need to clear to have the new URI descriptions be used? Or is this perhaps an error in the code for the binding?

And the egg is on my face. Looks like the power setting options hadn’t made it into the 4.1 m2 snapshot. They were pushed to the repo a few days after. Downloaded the version from the recent snapshot builds and all is working as expected.