Roller shutter 3 FGR223 : inverted state

Hi All :slight_smile:

I’m new, i’m a beginner and … I’m french.
So excuse my writing errors in advance (Thx google translate :wink: )

I connected my FGR-223 to openhab and I use IFTTT to speak to google to open and close my roller shutter. It’s work good

First, I tried to find a nice widget but i didn’t find it !
If you have one, it interests me

So I put a custom widgets on Habpanel and my problem is that when my rollershutter open, the widget is closed and when it’s close, my widget is open !
That’s a problem

The state goes wrong and I do not know how to recover the good state

And I tried to put the percentage on the widget and It doesn’t work

If you have a solution, i will be very interessed

Thx a lot for your help


There’s an option on the blinds_control channel to invert behavior. Use PaperUI to change that.

Thx It’s working.
I just had to invert percentage value