Roller shutter recommedation

I need some recommendations for rollershuters in openhab. i was searching for a right device and bought a sonoff DualR3 device which allows me to control the rollershutter via ewLink app - there is a special mode for rolleshutter (inching etc) and it keeps the physical buttons working and in addition there is special engine adjustment mode which (my gues) detect’s power surges to calibrate the time needed to open/close the rollershutter… tried sonoff binding (which is termporarly dead because ewlink cloud changes), thinking also about flashing with tasmota firmware - but don’t know if it will give me the same functionality like ewLink. don’t know how to move forward from this position :slight_smile:

any working solution’s device + openhab rules ? (230v prefered zigbee/wifi prefered) Maybe it can be done in sonoff binding for this particular switch ?