Roller Shutter Widget like on open

HI Guys,

I am new to Smart Home and OpenHab and are right now building the smart stuff step by step. First thing I did was replace the old shutters with a smart shutter control from Homematic.

When i read through I liked the Style of the the Dashboard on the screenshots a lot! Now I am trying to figure out how to get the shutter widget, or combination of widgets that you can see on the screenshot to work

Does anybody know how to get this going? I found the shutter widget in the community but I like the style not so much.

I am running the newest OpenHab Version on an rasberryPi

Many thanks!


Go to “Edit” Mode of one of your dashboards, click on “add widget”, click on “custom widgets”, click on “import widgets” “from gallery”, scroll down to the “Rollershutter/Blinds” widget.

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Hey thanks! But the style of the widget is totally different than the one in my screenshot, can I adjust the style?

Sure, almost same procedure: after you did your setup for the widget go to the three dots and click “Edit”, then adjust the code.

For me as a beginner it I find it quite hard to find out how widgets are working. Actually I would like to have the same layout and widgets like in the demo but how is the shutter widget solved there? 3 separate buttons that are connected? Just different CSS with boarders? Is there a good tutorial around that covers creating widgets?