Roller Shutter with SonOff R2 Dual and Tasmota

i’m quite new to openHAB2 and I want to realize to control my roller shutters with SonOff Dual R2. After some studies, I managed to flash the Dual and I got them working via MQTT.
Actually I’m using a Dimmer Item. It is working flawlessly. I can open and close the roller shutter and I can set it to a position, wherever I want and the slider shows the correct position on all of my connected openHAB platforms.
But I now recognized, that there is a roller shutter item as well. But I don’t get it working. I can move up and down, but if I stop, the shutter stops for a short time and then it continuous to move.
My MQTT command topic is: cmnd/WZRollo/Shutterposition
I think, I have to add something!?

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Please give more info so we can help. Are you using PaperUI or files for configuration? Please post all relevent things, items, rules.

yes, I’m using PaperUI in Openhabian2 (RasPI) and I’m using the graphical method to get a thing, a channel und an item.
If I add a channel and if I choose “Dimmer” as item, then all works fine: On the control screen I see my slider and the number, which are representing the actual position. And I can set the position by moving the blue point on the slider.
If I choose “Rollershutter” during this channel adding process, I’m getting a different control panel on the control site of Paper UI. It has an up- and a down-button and it has a stop-button. And here is my problem: if I hit the stop-button during the shutter is moving, it doesn’t stop.
My MQTT-Topics in the Channel are:

  • stat/WZRollo/SHUTTER1
  • cmnd/WZRollo/Shutterposition
    These commands are working fine with a Dimmer, but they don’t with Rollershutter. I think, that my cmnd-string is not ok.

Sorry, these are my first steps with home automation…

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PaperUI is not for controlling it’s for configuration (although some things can be controlled). You need to create a sitemap and use BasicUI for control.

Not a problem, that’s what the OH community is for.:wink: Just take the time to read all the documentation as that will help everyone.

…Thank you very much!!!
Now I have to do some more studies…

Here are a few other things that will help with using the forum.