Roller Shutter

I just want to make sure if I understand installation of roller shutter correctly.


Rollershutter	WZ_Rolllade_links	"Rolllade Terrassentür [%d %%]" <blinds>	(gRollladen) {channel="zwave:device:ctrl1:node10:blinds_control"}

Sitemap (I am going to use Basic UI / iOS App):

Switch item=KU_Rolllade label="[%d%%]" icon="blinds" mappings=[UP="Hoch", STOP="X", DOWN="Runter"]


  • is this correct so far?
  • is it possible to add percentage values like:
... mappings=[UP="Hoch", STOP="X", DOWN="Runter, 50=50%"]

to me the most important question is the following as this would destroy the motor:

  • do I have to take care of not to be able to press “UP” and “DOWN” simultaneously or is it handled by openHAB or even my z-wave actuator?

thanks for your help

Why would you care? Why should it destroy your motor?

Which one do you have? I know (and have) the Fibaro Rollershutter 3 and it stops automatically when a end has reached.

Hi @Oliver2

I think you’ve got the basics correct. I didn’t touch my configs for a while now, so I would need to cross-check myself.

More important is what kind of devices (Hardware) you are using and what they allow you to do.
Out of my mind a UP and down simultanously is nearly impossible. Even giving the cirumstand that one could press the physical button while another one uses the soft command (openHAB).

@ljsquare: If for any reason the roller shutter motor gets power on both up and down cables, you’re gonna destroy the motor (the manufacturer’s manual explicitly covers this case).
sure, the motor stops by itself when it reaches either end. but think of a szenario where you hit the down button and your wife the pushes the up button.
I would think that the actuator covers this but I am not sure. If it powers both cables, my motor is done.
I am using Aeotec Nano Shutter.