Rollerblinds stop while moving

Hey there,
i bought a Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 and a Selve SEL PLUS 2/7 motor.
The calibration worked and the positions are recognized correctly. The blinds moved as expected without interrupt up, down and up again.
But when i want to move the blinds now, just by commands “UP” and “DOWN”, the blinds stop on various locations. The position of the stops are correctly send to OH.
So eg. if i try to close the fully opend blind i have to send the command 3-4 times.

Any suggestions?



maybe give it a try it with


UP and DOWN stopped working for me after an upgrade some time ago.

thanks for your reply, but this commands didn’t work either.
My conclusion after many hours is, to set the params for Motor Operation detection and time to zero.
It seems, that both devices are to smart to work properly together, so i made the fibaro actor a bit dumb.
Now it works like a charm.