Rollershuters rules


I tried to use a rule that checks the change of the rollershuters on the KNX bus similar to the way it is done for switch actuators. But I didn’t receive any change so the rule was not triggered.

I read that there are some differences between switch actuators and rollershuter actuators but I didn’t understand how to implement the rule on the rollershuter.

I have a rollershuter that I don’t want to open it all the way when it is done with the wall switch. What I wanted to do is when receiving the open command from the wall switch, to catch it (trigger a rule) and then to start a timer and stop the rollershuters after some seconds. I don’t have the ability to change anything on my KNX topology so I though it it the best way (I’m doing similar thing with regular switches and it is working great) but it didin’t work :frowning:

Any suggestions?


The point is, if using a rollershutter channel, you won’t receive the command but only the position (and the position is sent when the rollershutter stops, not when the rollershutter starts to move).
Instead of this, use an additional rollershutter-control channel. This will give you the commands UP/DOWN/STOP (rule has to use the trigger received command)
By the way, the same is true for switch and dimmer channels, but as the status of a switch is either ON or OFF and that’re the commands which are used to control the channel, too, it’s easily ignored :wink:

Thanks, it is working


It is working when I’m initiating the command using the OpenHab GUI. However, when I’m using the wall switch, the rule doesn’t triggered

No entirely true. There are a lot of producers for KNX devices that allow the sending of position while moving (either based on elapsed time slots, or percentage difference of position)

Yes, true :slight_smile: I should have written “maybe”. But the point is, the new position should be set before the rollershutter is moved. I have two rollershutters where I do it the same way. Channel:

Type rollershutter : ch2 "Technik" [ upDown="5/6/0",stopMove="5/6/1",position="5.001:5/6/3+<5/6/4" ] // actuator thing

Type rollershutter-control : rocker2 "Laden" [ upDown="5/6/0",stopMove="5/6/1" ] // wall switch thing

As you can see, I have two channels, one for the actuator, one for the switch.


Rollershutter RollGruppe1_Ch2 "Technik" {channel="knx:device:bridge:HagerShut1_1_41:ch2", autoupdate="false"}
Rollershutter Rocker2_140 "Laden" {channel="knx:device:bridge:GiraTSplus1_1_140:rocker2", autoupdate="false"}

No surprise, also two Items…


rule "Technik Rollladen"
    Item Rocker2_140 received command DOWN
    if ((RollGruppe1_Ch2.state as Number)!=75)

So, as long, as the shutter is not in position 75% and it receives a command DOWN, the shutter is moved to 75%. If it’s in position 75%, the rule stops, so I’m still able to close the shutter completely.
As I don’t use additional GA, the shutter works conventional, if openHAB is stopped. Nice fallback option :wink:

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