Rollershutter and valve are working with Google Home mini, but not with Google Home app

Hello everybody,

I’m a beginner with openhab2. I have added for example two items:

Switch VentilFeldberegnung "Ventil Feldberegnung" <switch> {ga="Valve" [roomHint="Außenbereich"], channel="homematic:HM-LC-Sw4-DR-2:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxx:3#STATE"} 

Rollershutter Markiese "Markiese" <blinds>  {ga="Shutter" [roomHint="Außenbereich"], channel="homematic:HM-LC-Bl1-FM:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxxx1#LEVEL"}

With a command to google home mini, it works fine. But in my google home app, it shows me icons with a little settings icon. By clicking on this, I get to the settings tab. Using the same commands on the smartphone, it shows me google search results of Markiese.

All other items with simple switches or dimmer are working fine! So whats wrong with these items?

We recently installed roller shutters and have the same behavior: we can control them with voice commands but not in Google Home. I’m not sure if this is an Openhab issue or a Google Home issue. Can somebody (with more experience with roller shutters in Google Home) shed some light on this?

same issue with ga=Valve