Rollershutter combination with exec command via python script

Hi all,

I work with OH2 and exec binding 2.0
Following entries are content of my files:

Thing exec:command:Down [command=“sudo scripts/ 5 100”]
Thing exec:command:Up [command=“sudo scripts/ 5 0”]
Thing exec:command:Stop [command=“sudo scripts/”]

Rollershutter WCShutter { channel=“exec:command:Down:run:Down”, channel=“exec:command:Up:run:Up”, channel=“exec:command:Stop:run:Stop” }


Switch item=WCShutter label=“Rolladen Gäste-WC [%d %%]”

All 3 things are in status “Online” displayed in Paper UI.

Now my problem. All icons for up, down and stop concerning Rollershutter are available on the sitemap,
But when I try to use the functionality by click on the buttons, nothing happens :frowning:

When I execute the python script “sudo scripts/ 5 100” manually via console of openhabian it is working fine.

Any idea whats going wrong here?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Does somebody has any idea how to run the python script by using “UP”, “Down” and “STOP” of rollershutter via exec binding ? :confused: