Rollershutter display in Sites with value

hi everyone, i am new to oh3 and i´m comming from oh2. i know its late but it take me a while to migrate everything. so now i am here and i think i understand the symantic model. but i have a little problem. on my oh2 or in the basic ui my old sitemap is working fine and shows me the values and controlls as i liked it.
in case of rollershutter i have the problem that i don´t see the acutal state.
here is like it looks in the basic ui:
and here is how it looks in the new ui:
so how can i add the value in % after the text or befor the buttons?
thanks in advance
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We need lots more info.

Show us the sitemap config for that element.

Is the second screen shot from a phone app or the web.

Show the Item definition.

ok here we go:
the first is the sitemap from basicui here is the definition:
the second is in the web under sites and than the site.
the item is only in gui not in text config:

Where feasible, please do not post screen shots. Please post the actual text using code fences:

code goes here

Screen shots are all but impossible to read on a phone, cannot be searched, cannot be copied and edited with corrections, etc.

This confuses me. There is no “sites” anywhere I can find in MainUI nor in BasicUI. I have no idea what you are talking about here.

Have you set the State Description Item metadata with a Pattern?

i will do if i have some code and not only the gui

sorry for that confusion i mean locations

i don´t have metadata or i missunderstand you

OK, first it needs to be understood that sitemaps and MainUI pages have nothing in common. MainUI is a wholly new UI and works wholly differently.

There will be differences between the two.

By default, MainUI will attempt to pick a UI widget based on the Item’s type and the semantic tags. It also has a bigger reliance on icons to represent state.

If the default widget chosen for an Item isn’t to your liking you have some options to change it:

  1. modify the semantic tags which can sometimes cause MainUI to choose a different widget

  2. set the State Description metadata on the Item which has a number of options to give hints to MainUI hints about how you want the Item displayed; in this case setting the Pattern field (it follows the same syntax of what goes between the [ ] in a sitemap label) might be useful

  3. set the “Default List Item Widget” Item metadata to a custom widget configured exactly as you want it; what ever is defined there will become what MainUI uses in the overview tabs.

Also, I cannot stress this enough. Most of the OH 2.x users who struggle with OH 3 struggle because they skipped the Getting Started Tutorial. Much of this is explained there.

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Thats true i thought i now OH so thanks for that advice i will read this now frist and come back to this topic later.

ok i now read a bit of the starting guide and i found out that the rollershutter widget has the ability to use the stop Botton to show the state of the opening. now i like to set this to default for every rollershutter but i don´t find where to the the deafaults for widgets. can you tell me where i find this option?

At a high level:

  1. Under Developer Tools → Widgets create your List Item Widget configured exactly how you want it.
  2. For each of your rollershutter Items, add a “Default List Item Widget” metadata and choose the widget you created under 1
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thanks a lot for your support, it worked :slight_smile: