Rollershutter Duration and Pushbutton Rules?


I’ve been digging through the forum but haven’t found anything on this.
I’m building a home automation using openHAB and a few raspberry pi’s - one runs OpenHAB, the others run an MQTT script which listens for commands for the outputs and sends updates on input changes.

These are the items as I have them listed:

Contact 	est1up 			"Sala 1 SOBE [%s]" 		(gInterruptores) 				{mqtt="<[mybroker:rp1/sensor1/topic:state:default]"}
Contact 	est1down 		"Sala 1 DESCE [%s]" 	(gInterruptores) 				{mqtt="<[mybroker:rp1/sensor2/topic:state:default]"}
Contact 	est2up 			"Sala 2 SOBE [%s]" 		(gInterruptores) 				{mqtt="<[mybroker:rp1/sensor3/topic:state:default]"}
Contact 	est2down 		"Sala 2 DESCE [%s]" 	(gInterruptores) 				{mqtt="<[mybroker:rp1/sensor4/topic:state:default]"}
Contact 	est3up 			"Sala 3 SOBE [%s]" 		(gInterruptores) 				{mqtt="<[mybroker:rp1/sensor5/topic:state:default]"}
Contact 	est3down 		"Sala 3 DESCE [%s]" 	(gInterruptores) 				{mqtt="<[mybroker:rp1/sensor6/topic:state:default]"}
Contact 	est4up 			"Cozinha SOBE [%s]" 	(gInterruptores) 				{mqtt="<[mybroker:rp1/sensor7/topic:state:default]"}
Contact 	est4down 		"Cozinha DESCE [%s]" 	(gInterruptores) 				{mqtt="<[mybroker:rp1/sensor8/topic:state:default]"}

Rollershutter Shutter_SalaCoz 		"Cozinha Jardim [(%d)]" 	<rollershutter>  (gEstores, GSala, GCozinha) 			{mqtt=">[mybroker:rp1/actuator1:command:UP:UP],>[mybroker:rp1/actuator1:command:DOWN:DOWN],>[mybroker:rp1/actuator1:command:STOP:STOP] "}
Rollershutter Shutter_SalaMeio 		"Sala Meio [(%d)]" 			<rollershutter>  (gEstores, GSala) 						{mqtt=">[mybroker:rp1/actuator2:command:UP:UP],>[mybroker:rp1/actuator2:command:DOWN:DOWN],>[mybroker:rp1/actuator2:command:STOP:STOP] "}
Rollershutter Shutter_SalaTV 		"Sala TV [(%d)]" 			<rollershutter>  (gEstores, GSala) 						{mqtt=">[mybroker:rp1/actuator3:command:UP:UP],>[mybroker:rp1/actuator3:command:DOWN:DOWN],>[mybroker:rp1/actuator3:command:STOP:STOP] "}
Rollershutter Shutter_CozRua 		"Cozinha Rua [(%d)]" 		<rollershutter>  (gEstores, GCozinha, GSala) 			{mqtt=">[mybroker:rp1/actuator4:command:UP:UP],>[mybroker:rp1/actuator4:command:DOWN:DOWN],>[mybroker:rp1/actuator4:command:STOP:STOP] "}

Now I’m trying to implement rules for two things:

A general rule for all rollershutters, defining a delay after which it should send a stop command, giving enough time for the shutters to completely open or close, and cutting power after that.
I could write a simple delay, but I’m not sure on how to use one rule for all shutters. writing a rule for each single shutter is not very smart coding because there are a lot of them!
Ideally I could even make a percentage calculation based on the fraction of time, like the sample on the wiki but I’m not sure how to make it so that it works for all shutters - can I use the shutter group instead of the single item?

The other question is how to deal with the local wall switches. They will be momentary push button type, so I’ll have to make a rule to trigger the corresponding shutter. It could either be to work while pressing, or to do a single push to go up or down and stop when pressed again.
Any ideas on how to accomplish this?


I’m still trying to figure out the best way to pull this off.

Could lambda expressions/functions or some kind of string manipulation be used to solve this?
Something like:

rule "Shutters"
  Item Roller_Wall_Switch changed
  if (Roller_Wall_Switch.state == CLOSED) {
    Roller_Out.sendCommand(UP) }
  else {
    Roller_Out.sendCommand(STOP) }

rule "Shutters"
    Item wallswitch_1_up received update CLOSED
        sendCommand(Corresponding_RollerShutter_1, UP)
        sendCommand(Roller_Out, STOP)


I’m looking at these articles but having a hard time figuring out what is the simplest smartest way to go about it. If I write a rule for each single shutter that’ll be something like 48 rules.

Any ideas?