Rollershutter groups and Google assistant

With reference to Problems with Google Assistant controlling Rollershutters in general controlling rollershutters works.

However, controlling groups of rollershuttes results in a weird behaviour.

The following works well when I ask google assistant them to shut down individually

  Rollershutter shutter_front "vorne" (Shutter_Group)   { ga="shutter" channel="zwave:device:11111111:node3:blinds_control" }
  Rollershutter shutter_back "hinten" (Shutter_Group)   { ga="shutter" channel="zwave:device:11111111:node4:blinds_control" }

I now create a group like so and ask Google assistant to shut down “myshuttergroup”

Group:Rollershutter:AVG(UP,  DOWN) Shutter_Group   "myshuttergroup"  { ga="shutter"}

Telling Google Assistant to open “myshuttergroup” results into

“Received HTTP POST request at ‘items/Shutter_Group’ with an invalid status value ‘ON’”
and GA itself telling me that this mode is not supported.

This itself is surprising because in all other cases GA would send UP / DOWN not ON/OFF.

The only way of doing to seems to setting up a proxy item and forwarding its state to the group in a rule.

Rollershutter myshutterproxy "myshutterproxy item"  {ga="Shutter"}

rule "shuttergroup rule" 
 Item myshutterproxy received command

So my guess there is an issue with rollershutter groups?

Does anyhow have an idea if there is a better way of doing it without using the proxy item and the rule?


I have the same problem. Reported this on github and the fix was merged but it doesn’t seem to be (properly) deployed to the cloud server . I already notified the maintainer.


@struvusmaximus Now after this PR has been merged, do I have to update OH locally or is this a server thing? (The GA setup is not clear to me).


As this was not answered yet:

There is no update on your side required, this will only be changed on the server side.

What you would need to do is to re-sync your devices in Google Assistant.

Is there any update if this works now correctly?

Thanks @michikrug

I can confirm that in the meantime I got it working.