Rollershutter item with stateInCenter not displayed in UI

hi, I`d like to see the position of my blinds, found stateInCenter option which looks good when viewing from the Settings=>Items page. unfortunately it is not displayed on the locations tap. I already refreshed browser a couple of times. whats wrong?

Those are two different widgets. The item page shows the item’s standalone widget and the location page card shows the item’s list widget. If you want to alter the appearance of the list widget you will need to create your own custom list widget and set the blind’s Default List Item Widget metadata to that new custom widget.


ah ok! so for my understanding: I used the default oh-rollershutter-card as the default standalone widget. but where in the UI is the standalone widget used? just for admin purpose in the “settings” view?

I found a default list widget called “oh-rollershutter-item”, there’s a stateInCenter switch too. so that solves my problem.

When you use the “add from Model” option when adding a widget to a page column or masonry, and choose that item it will add the default standalone control.