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I’m trying to define rollershutter items for lcn-2-binding as described in the doc. Testing the item I’ve got this message from karaf:

21:29:16.467 [WARN ] [subhandler.LcnModuleMetaAckSubHandler] - S000M010: NACK received: Command not allowed by module's configuration
21:29:20.374 [WARN ] [subhandler.LcnModuleMetaAckSubHandler] - S000M010: NACK received: Command not allowed by module's configuration
21:29:24.399 [WARN ] [subhandler.LcnModuleMetaAckSubHandler] - S000M010: NACK received: Command not allowed by module's configuration
21:29:28.314 [WARN ] [nding.lcn.internal.connection.ModInfo] - S000M010: Module did not respond to command: A1DI100008

I guess, I cannot use the rollershuter-type for this module which is a 8-port relay. This module accepts UP, DOWN and STOP commands. How I can define those commands based on channels?


I’m following this… I think I have the same problem… Using a rollershutter-type in a switch channel… I hope there is a work around.

Interressting: For some reason the rollershutter works now.

Rollershutter lcnRollerShutter  {channel="lcn:module:LCNBus:M010:rollershutterrelay#1"[invertUpDown=true]}

Since my wire seems to be twisted, I tried the invertUpDown-Switch. Unfortunately, it does not change anything… Is the syntax correct?

Edit: Seems like, there might be a problem with invertUpDown as stated here: Issue #8680.

Don’t think so. Docs give example usage of similar dimmer parameter like -

Switch M10_Output2 {channel="lcn:module:b827ebfea4bb:S000M010:output#2"[profile="lcn:output", ramp=0.25]}

but with no example, I could not say if you are looking for something like

Rollershutter lcnRollerShutter  {channel="lcn:module:LCNBus:M010:rollershutterrelay#1"[profile="lcn:output", invertUpDown=true]}


Rollershutter lcnRollerShutter  {channel="lcn:module:LCNBus:M010:rollershutterrelay#1"[profile="lcn:rollershutterrelay", invertUpDown=true]}

@rossko57: Thanks for your suggestions, it didn’t work as well. IMHO, specificing a profile is only needed, if you want to force an output channel as a specific output/channel type. If I select “rollershutterrelay” as channel, I assume the profile “lcn:rollershutterrelay” is selected implicitly. But I just guess, it might be wrong…

@fwolter: I noticed Issue 8680 has been fixed and I updated my openHab instance to 2.5.10. Unfortunately, invertUpDown still seems to be ignored.
I logged the DEBUG/TRACE output for my example with and without invertUpDown:

Rollershutter lcnRollerShutter  {channel="lcn:module:LCNBus:M010:rollershutterrelay#1"[invertUpDown=true]}
19:30:59.535 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent     ] - Item 'lcnRollerShutter' received command UP
19:30:59.549 [TRACE] [ng.lcn.internal.connection.Connection] - Sent: >M000010!R810------

19:30:59.599 [TRACE] [ng.lcn.internal.connection.Connection] - Received: '-M000010!'
19:30:59.620 [TRACE] [ng.lcn.internal.connection.Connection] - Received: ':M000010Rx001'
19:31:09.980 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent     ] - Item 'lcnRollerShutter' received command DOWN
19:31:09.982 [TRACE] [ng.lcn.internal.connection.Connection] - Sent: >M000010!R811------

19:31:10.042 [TRACE] [ng.lcn.internal.connection.Connection] - Received: '-M000010!'
19:31:10.123 [TRACE] [ng.lcn.internal.connection.Connection] - Received: ':M000010Rx003'
19:31:10.131 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - lcnRollerShutter   changed from 0 to 100

and finally

Rollershutter lcnRollerShutter  {channel="lcn:module:LCNBus:M010:rollershutterrelay#1"}
19:58:27.911 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent     ] - Item 'lcnRollerShutter' received command UP
19:58:27.935 [TRACE] [ng.lcn.internal.connection.Connection] - Sent: >M000010!R810------

19:58:27.985 [TRACE] [ng.lcn.internal.connection.Connection] - Received: '-M000010!'
19:58:28.258 [TRACE] [ng.lcn.internal.connection.Connection] - Received: ':M000010Rx001'
19:58:30.062 [TRACE] [ng.lcn.internal.connection.Connection] - Received: '%M000010.A00301269'
19:58:31.532 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent     ] - Item 'lcnRollerShutter' received command DOWN
19:58:31.544 [TRACE] [ng.lcn.internal.connection.Connection] - Sent: >M000010!R811------

19:58:31.635 [TRACE] [ng.lcn.internal.connection.Connection] - Received: '-M000010!'
19:58:31.756 [TRACE] [ng.lcn.internal.connection.Connection] - Received: ':M000010Rx003'

Did you enable the roller shutters?

You added a configuration parameter to the Item, but invertUpDown is a Channel configuration parameter. You can change this value in the UI.

The LCN binding’s Rollershutter Channels don’t support Switch commands. I’m wondering how you would stop the shutter, when using a Switch. If you don’t need to stop the shutter, you could simply switch the direction relay.

There might be confusion with presentation here.

A Rollershutter type Item will accept commands UP/DOWN/STOP (amongst others). It is of course up to any linked binding whether to do anything with those, or ignore them.

A Switch type widget in a sitemap performs a magic trick if you link to a Rollershutter type Item.
It presents buttons [UP] [STOP] [DOWN] andwhen you poke them, it issues those commands to the Item.


thanks for the hint. With OH-LCN-1 binding all rollershutter worked flawless so far. Nevertheless, I checked my LCN settings within LCN-PRO and all check-boxes are ticked.

I tried to set the Invert Up/Down switch in PaperUI but it does not save my settings (Error 409: Conflict). Since I used confinguration-files to configure OH, I cannot use PaperUI to overwrite/extend my settings.

Is there a way to set this parameter in a config file? Could this parameter exposed to the item decleration as well?

Thanks for your support. Very much appreciated.

You can configure Channel parameters in the .things file. See

Making the parameter available via Items and Profiles would be possible, but I think this doesn’t reflect the real world, as the wiring is faulty not per Item, but for the whole Channel.

@HaBerry, I was fighting with text based configuration files as well. After several tries, I finally found the solution for setting the “invertState” parameter for binary sensors. This is what workes great for me:

	Thing module M100 "M100 EG Arbeit" [ moduleId=100, segmentId=0 ] {
		Contact : binarysensor#6 [ invertState=true ]

I guess the structure will be the same for inverting the rollershutters. Good luck :slight_smile:

There seems to be more users (two), using text-based Thing configuration, than I thought.

I will add this example to the readme. @HaBerry can you provide a working Rollershutter example?

@Maschine, thanks for the snippet and indeed it helps me to find a solution for my problem. Now I can handle my twisted wiring correctly…

@fwolter, sure. Please find a full Rollershutter Config-file-based example below. I’m pretty sure, we are not the only 2 guys, using config-files. I guess @timbms is using them as well? :slight_smile:


Bridge lcn:pckGateway:LCNBus "LCNSystem"  [ hostname = "***.***.***.***", port = 4114, username = "*****", password = "****", mode = "native200", timeoutMs = 3000 ] { 
    Thing lcn:module:LCNBus:M010 "Module 010" @ "My Thing Location"     [ moduleId=10,  segmentId=0 ]
            Rollershutter : rollershutterrelay#1 "My twisted rollershutter relay" [ invertUpDown = true ]


Rollershutter lcnRollerShutter  {channel="lcn:module:LCNBus:M010:rollershutterrelay#1"}


Default item=lcnRollerShutter  label="My RollerShutter"
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