Rollershutter state not reflected in switch item

While my dimmer buttons correctly display the current state like this

Group:Dimmer	gWohnzimmer		"Wohnzimmer Licht"
Dimmer		WZ_Lampe_Esstisch	"Esstisch"				<DimmableLight> (gWohnzimmer) {homekit="Lighting", channel="shelly:shellydimmer:d0a8e8:relay#brightness", autoupdate="false"}
Switch	item=gWohnzimmer	label="Alle"			icon="light"		mappings=[0="Aus  ", 40="40%  ", 70="70%  ", 100="An  "]
	Switch	item=WZ_Lampe_Esstisch	label="Esstisch"		icon="light"		mappings=[0="Aus  ", 75="75%  ", 100="An  "]

…the same is not working with rollershutter items:

Group:Rollershutter gRollladen		"Wohnzimmer Rollladen"
Rollershutter	KU_Rollladen		"Rollladen Küche"			<blinds>	(gRollladen) {homekit="WindowCovering", channel="shelly:shelly25-roller:8caab505a25f:roller#control", autoupdate="false"}
Switch	item=gRollladen		label="Alle [%d]"			icon="blinds"		mappings=[UP="△     ", 85="85%  ", DOWN="▽     ", STOP="✕     "]
Switch	item=KU_Rollladen	label="Küche [%d]"			icon="blinds"		mappings=[UP="△     ", 85="85%  ", DOWN="▽     ", STOP="✕     "]

what am I doing wrong?

Your RollerShutter Item will never have the state UP, DOWN or STOP, so it cannot “match” the buttons to highlight them.

of course not.

But coming back to the screenshot I added, the rollershutter has the state of 85 but does not highlight the button „85“.

for the rime the rollershutter moves to position 85% the button is highlighted, but after it has reached the position the highlighting disappears.

Does it? Sometimes people expect 85.0 to match 85

ok. thanks. working now.
I have no idea why rollershutter and dimmer from the same vendor have different state types (decimal vs. integer)

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