Rollershutter stop command after button released

Hello everybody,

I use a Wago PLC for automation and configured the modbus binding using bridges and pollers. Everything works fine so far. The problem I have is that the rollershutter widget only sends a stop command after a long-press of the up or down button. To let the Wago decide about a short or long press it would be great to have the following behaviour of the rollershutter item:

button pressed: send UP/DOWN, button released: send STOP

I guess I have to write a rule to solve the problem but no idea how to start.

Can anybody help?

Many thanks!

Which widget? HABpanel, or the sitemap based one for Basic/Classic UI?

Thanks for the fast reply. I use the sitemap based for Basic UI.

Okay, so guessing you have a Rollershutter type Item, displayed on a sitemap as Switch type, which brings up the three-button VdownV XstopX AupA looking widget.

As you say, it’s a simple tool and responds to presses with UP STOP DOWN, it is not possible to distinguish long and short presses.

This looks related

It’s a bit of a messy story, but contains the right ideas

Great, thanks for the hint, this looks promising.