Rollershutter system with sonoff 4ch pro

Hi, I’m new here. I discovered openhab some days ago, but already i love it.
What do we think about control rollershutter with sonoff 4ch pro (tasmota firmware)? Can I do it?
If yes, how?
I now that i can do it via zwave 222 but i’d like to do with sonoff.

I am also interested in the 4ch Sonoff devices. They seem like a very good value for projects like the one you suggest.

The discussion in this thread seems relevant:

If others have implemented this successfully I would very much like to know, as I may be in a position to select blinds for a condo in the near future.

Another option would be to do the control via a 433mhz RF bridge (like a Broadlink unit) to capture and emulate signals from a remote instead of directly controlling power to the rollershutter motor. I know this isn’t really what you asked, but it seems to be what some people online are doing.

Regarding Sonoff, I think you could also potentially crack open the remote control for a roller blind and use the Sonoff to activate the remote itself, like a parasite :slight_smile: Wire separate Sonoff’s channels to up, down, and stop or whatever. But that may be a little much unless you have a specific reason to use Sonoff.

I think that this is a good starter point, but it is for OH1.