Rollershutter timed and contact controlled window


I have a simple rule for my rollershutter terrace door.
Every day at 9:30 pm the shutter goes down

rule “House Rollershutter Terrassentuer DOWN”

Time cron “0 30 21 * * ?”
sendCommand (Shutter_GF_Terrassentuer_Sued, DOWN)

this rule works perfekt.

Now I have bought a window contact sensor and on my openhab app the status open and close works perfect. Here is the item:
Contact Fenster_Terrasse_IsOpen “Terrassentuer [MAP(]”

Can anybody help me to modify the rule with and linkage when the time is 9:30 pm and the contact is closed then the rollershutter go down

Thanks Sven

if (Fenster_Terrasse_IsOpen.state == CLOSED) {Shutter_GF_Terrassentuer_Sued.sendCommand(DOWN)}

Hi Harry,

thanks for the quick response and now it works very well.
Thanks a lot!

OK, than mark as solved please.

You should also add a rule to lift rollershutters if you open the door, I found that to be quite useful for my shuttered doors.
There’s a lot of useful functions to implement once you have shutters.
For example, you could make them go up/down on sunrise/sunset using the Astro binding, or lower them when you turn on the TV (or at least for a ‘cinema’ scene).

For what’s it’s worth, also have a look at this full-fledged shading example.

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