Rollershutter with Logo8

Hi there,

i’m trying to make a roller shutter item with my siemens logo but it does not work.
I have two different items - one for all “UP” and one for all “DOWN”.
Now i want to combine them in one Rollershutter.
The switches works fine. But the Shutter doesn’t do anything.

here my things:

Bridge plclogo:device:Logo2 “Logo_Rollo” [ address=“”, family=“0BA8”, localTSAP=“0x0200”, remoteTSAP=“0x0200”, refresh =333 ]
Thing memory WG_Shutter_down_all “Rollos runter” [ block=“VB101.0” ]
Thing memory WG_Shutter_up_all “Rollos hoch” [ block=“VB101.1” ]

here my items:

Switch WG_Rollo_runter_SET “Rollo runter SET” { channel=“plclogo:memory:Logo2:WG_Shutter_down_all:state”}

Switch WG_Rollo_hoch_SET “Rollo hoch SET” [“Switchable”] { channel=“plclogo:memory:Logo2:WG_Shutter_up_all:state”}

Rollershutter WG_Rollo

here my rule:

rule “Wintergarten Shutter”

Item WG_Rollo received command
switch (receivedCommand) {
case UP: sendCommand(WG_Rollo_hoch_SET, ON)
case STOP:
case DOWN: sendCommand(WG_Rollo_runter_SET, ON)

remove or deactivate

//case STOP:

ok but it still doesn’t work

In my test the rule only works if case STOP: isn’t activ.
You have to set OFF by rule or Expire.

What does “it still doesn’t work” mean?
Is there any entry in the log?

when i put the roller shutter switch in my sitemap

Switch item=WG_Rollo

it doesn’t do anything by clicking on the up or down button.

maybe i use the wrong code for the sitemap?

Post the event.log and the openhab.log please.


it seems that my installation of openhabian was broken. i reinstalled and now all works fine.

Thank you