RollerShutter2 FGR-222

Her, I have several RollerShutter2 things here. Two older ones and 3 newer ones. One of the older ones (about 12-15 months old) has already been installed and is working properly. Now I wanted to add the other old one together with 3 newer Shutters. The newer Shutters have been added to the system without any problems. They are called FGR222 whereas the working old one is named nothing (its name is blank). However, I have issues with the 2nd old one it is found by openhab (2.3.0-1) as „Unknown Device“ and due to that I cannot use it. I checked the JSON database and it looks like the other except that it uses a different node.

When I installed the first Roller Shutter I used an older version of openhab (2.0 or 2.1, not quite sure). I also tried to downgrade openhab to 2.1.0. However this caused even more trouble because the UI was unresponsive. So I changed back everything to the latest version and everything is working as before. I also restarted the Openhab (running on a Raspberry PI), the binding and removed the problematic thing from the system several times. All without luck the situation persists. Can I somehow add the thing manually? If so how? The „add manually“ link in the UI is not working because it finds a thing…

Any help is much appreciated since I am trying for hours now. Thanks!

If a zwave device stays “unknown” you should eventually delete the XML file in /var/lib/openhab2/zwave/ and try forcing the device to send NIF (triple-click the B button on FGR-222) if needed multiple times (check zwave logging).
In rare cases the device is unknown to the OH version you run, in that case try upgrading to a newer one such as 2.4M4, but be aware that this particular upgrade step comes with breaking changes to the ZWave binding.

There is no corresponding XML. The thing in question has node2, but in the folder is no node2.xml. I just copied the XML from the working Shutter with a FileMaker according to the missing node and this creates a (surprisingly) new node which now works. The percentage is wrong, but it is openeing and closing. Seems something is wrong somewhere. Would be glad to find the bit that needs to be corrected. Thanks for the hint so far.

If it’s working now you should be able to initiate ‘Reinitialise the device’ from habmin (tools/extended menu), causing the .xml to be recreated based on what the devices announces it can do.

Hm, I am afraid that this doesn‘t work. The thing now appears twice. On the one hand it is recognized as expected FGR-222 (as new node) with all the required channels, on the other hand it appears as Unknown Device (same node as before) still. Surprisingly, both are online. In the habmin panel I do not have any reinitialise tools.

When copying you probably didn’t change the XML so it has still the ID of the device you took as the source so it really points at that one.

If the device is working (that means it has finished initialization phase), you do. Click on that wheel on the right hand side and select ‘extended. …’.

There seemed to be something wrong with the openhabian system itself. The logging didn‘t work either. So I reinstalled the openhabian system and re-added all the things and items. Logging is now working. However, I was not able to verify what went wrong exactly. Surprisingly the issue with the one thing (RollerShutter) persists. It turned up twice with one thing working and the other is not. Basically all is working now manually. I just need to automate it with rules now. Many thanks for the help so far.