Rolling shutter rf receiver clone

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I’m new here. Tried some things but I didn’t found the correct solution for me.
I have 5 automation rolling shutter and a 5 channel remote controller. I would like to clone the controller and use OpenHAB to control the shutters. I installed OpenHAB on my raspberry pi 3 and I connect 433 receiver and transmitter to correct pins. But I can not detect rf code from controller and I have no idea how can I clone the channels
Have you any ideas or full solution for it? I really thanks if you can share me some links what describe how these remote working, because I thought it’s a simple 433mhz remote controller but I can not read anything.

Here is some links, what I use
433 -
Roller shutter remote -

Thanks for your responses

Maybe this helps , especially the LED Stripe part references RFsniffer.


But the problem is, the rfsniffer show codes when I use simply remote but for the roller shutter… nothing

I will try to understand you! When you use a simple remote ( whatever you understand as simple remote ) RFsniffer works. But if you use the remote for the rollershutter the DC458 RFsniffer does not recognize any Code.

Yes, I tried with an old garage door opener. I can modify the code on this device, on the same way than in your linked post (the controller has some switcher inside). For this device I saw received code. But for to the roller shutter remote controller, nothing.

Then you have to properly decode the singal and the underliyng protocol.
Just some google hits which will give you a direction to go.

I remember using this python script once.

But here is some more information.

Hi Lajos,
I’m also interested in this topic.
I’ve a remote controller with 5 channels and having exactly the same problem. Did you finished the project?
Could you share the solution?
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I was trying to do the same with my Somfy rollershutter, so I bought a 433 Mhz receiver/trasmitter …nothing…I searched a bit and find out that Somfy use 433.42 MHz band and my receiver is using 433,92 MHz so It cannot work.

Maybe it’s the same to you.


Thanks, it would make sense.
However, the manufacturer of the tube motor says it operates on 433,92 MHz.
I’ve a Beninca remote controller (also 433,92) and I can catch the signals and the hexa code with a program. So, the Arduino and receiver works, but this remote controller doesn’t.