Room-specific phrases


This is more a general question but cannot find a better place for it!

Basically a few rooms in the house have blinds installed + have a Google Home present. In each of the rooms, I would like the phrase “open blinds” or similar to open up the blinds in the specific room.

Is there a way to achieve this? Similar with light on/off command, would like to have a universal one that has a different reaction based on which Google Home device issued it.

I know in Google Home you can create rooms and put your devices into rooms. That is how you make Google Assistant aware of what room a device is in. Note, you also put your Google Homes into the various rooms so Google Assistant knows what room you are in when you issue the command.

I think that lets you issue a command like “open the blinds in here” or “open the blinds in the living room” to open the blinds in another room.

See Set up smart home devices using your speaker or display - Google Nest Help for setting up the rooms.

Though I admit, I’ve set all this up but I’ve never actually used Google Assistant like that. So I can’t be any more specific than that. And I do know there are differences in languages where some features are not available in all languages.

@rlkoshak gave the better answer, I guess.

But as a workaround befor openHAB/Alexa supported rooms I set up my system like this:

// Harmony Activities
Switch	Alexa_Radio				"Radio Wohnzimmer"		 [ "Switchable" ]  {alexa="Activity", autoupdate="false"}
Switch	Alexa_RadioPC			"Radio Arbeitszimmer"	 [ "Switchable" ]  {alexa="Activity", autoupdate="false"}
Switch	Alexa_RadioBK			"Radio Badezimmer"		 [ "Switchable" ]  {alexa="Activity", autoupdate="false"}

I simply added the room name to the item name. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Not perfekt, but it works.

I can only confirm what @rlkoshak said.
I have my roller shutters assigned to separate rooms, so when I say “open shutter(s)” only the shutters in the room of my Google Assistant device that answers (usually the closest device) open.